A business language course has to suit your personal development goals and use your professional practice as the focal point. Languages at Work has developed rigorous procedures to ensure proper alignment with your learning objectives.

When you contact Languages at Work, our first step is to identify your learning objectives. Next, we schedule an appointment with one of our language instructors for a personal intake to determine your current ability level.

Languages at Work compiles the various information and draws up a customized course plan. Once you agree with the course proposal, your course can begin.

During the course, Languages at Work carefully monitors everything. You can track your course progress online and additionally you will receive a written progress report each month. Upon completion of the course you will receive a final report containing a description of the course, your results and our recommendations for advancing your language skills. You will also receive a certificate of participation.

Would you like to find out possible course options designed to suit your specific situation? Please  contact us for a customized course proposal by phoning +31 (20) 782 0088 (Amsterdam) or +31 (30) 737 1322 (Utrecht).


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