Legal English

Are you a lawyer who works in English with international clients? There are unique challenges to the language when used in this capacity. A Legal English course will provide the foundation that you need in order to feel confident!

Legal English is entirely devoted to increasing your language skills in a legal context. In addition to learning smart techniques for quickly understanding legal documents in English, you will practice writing letters and memos as well as improve your verbal fluency by engaging in discussions, giving presentations and conducting interviews.

The course tends to focus on terminology used in business law, civil law, contract law and property law. Our instructors are well-versed in other areas, too, such as criminal law and comparative law. There is plenty of room for customization to ensure the course fully fits your personal development goals.

Would you like to find out possible course options designed to suit your specific situation? Please  contact us for a customized course proposal by phoning +31 (20) 782 0088 (Amsterdam) or +31 (30) 737 1322 (Utrecht). Or by sending an email to: tellmemore@languagesatwork.nl

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