Dutch for expats

Welcome to the Netherlands!

Although you work in an international environment you would also like to be able to chat with your colleagues, get the gist of the evening news and know what is going on in the Netherlands. Languages at Work offers a course specifically designed for expats who will be working in the Netherlands for a couple of years: Dutch for Expats!

The goal of this course is to help you feel at home in the Netherlands as quickly as possible. Course content is entirely based on what you wish to accomplish.

Upon completion of this course your command of the Dutch language will be sufficient for everyday use and you will have a good grasp of Dutch society and culture."Dutch for Expats" can be taught at any chosen location (including in the convenience of your own home!) on an individual or group basis.

Would you like to find out possible course options designed to suit your specific situation? Please  contact us for a customized course proposal by phoning +31 (20) 782 0088 (Amsterdam) or +31 (30) 737 1322 (Utrecht).


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