Cultural sensitivity courses

Most likely you have noticed in your international business dealings that certain things that are entirely self-evident in one culture are not necessarily so in another.

Although members of international teams work in the same company culture, they still bring their individual cultural baggage with them. Successful cooperation requires not only awareness of one's own values but also knowledge of the other person's background.

Languages at Work provides cultural sensitivity courses in close cooperation with ITIM International (www.itim.org), the undisputed specialist in this area. Founded in 1985 by Bob Waisfisz and Dr. Geert Hofstede, ITIM has extensive experience in a vast number of fields, making it the ideal partner for a course that actively cultivates insight, understanding and effectiveness.

Would you like to find out possible course options designed to suit your specific situation? Please  contact us for a customized course proposal by phoning +31 (20) 782 0088 (Amsterdam) or +31 (30) 737 1322 (Utrecht). Or by sending an email to: tellmemore@languagesatwork.nl

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