Accelerated courses

If you travel a lot, it is probably safe to say that it is virtually impossible to sign up for a course that will require a specific time commitment. Or perhaps you need to quickly acquire a working knowledge of a new language, or to boost your existing skills?

In that case, an intensive accelerated course is the ideal choice. You will devote one to two weeks exclusively to working on your language skills without any distractions or interruptions.

Our course locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht provide a beautiful setting for a concentrated period of inspiration and concentration.

Or perhaps you have another set-up in mind? An accelerated course can be arranged at any location, including at home if you prefer.

Would you like to find out possible course options designed to suit your specific situation? Please  contact us for a customized course proposal by phoning +31 (20) 782 0088 (Amsterdam) or +31 (30) 737 1322 (Utrecht).


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